22 Aug, 2022
Fantasy Football

Mi Property’s Fantasy Football League is now underway and after Gameweek 1 the main thing that seems to be a common theme on everyone’s mind was which striker to pick. With Kane and Jesus blanking in the first game week and Haaland and Nunez getting 4 goals and assists between them, a spanner was thrown into the works with some managers’ squads. With prices changing all the time, is it better to make your transfers early or wait to hear more on injury news?

Gameweek 2 saw managers that held onto Kane and Jesus very happy as the two both returned with points. Jesus, the captain of numerous managers, returned with 2 goals and 2 assists against Leicester. Meanwhile Kane managed a last-minute equalizer against Chelsea in a controversial game. Haaland and Nunez owners were on the unlucky side this week as Haaland only returned with 5 points in a 4-0 victory over Bournemouth. Nunez took a -1 after a bizarre headbutt incident at Anfield against Crystal Palace; an event that means many managers will be transferring Nunez out.

Fantasy Football Update

Enough on the striker crisis and on to league table news. Callum Davidson currently tops the league standings on 168 points after fantastic first and second weeks, scoring 90 points in GW1 and 78 in GW2. He is currently 22 points in front of Ben Lount, who is in 2nd place, and who scored 70+ points in both game weeks with the average being 57. With 1st and 2nd very close, let’s hope it is not a rivalry that goes quite as far as Conte and Tuchel in the London Derby but with big prizes at the end of the month, I am sure rivalries will begin to brew. The first week or two always seem to be tester weeks for a lot of managers but as the league shapes up, we get to see managers start to take things a little more seriously, especially when there are prizes to be won for the ‘Manager of the Month.’

There were some big games in Gameweek 3. Newcastle, with their new owner, were able to draw a six-goal thriller against reigning champions Manchester City. Gabriel Jesus also broke the record for the most picked player in GW3, with 80% of managers including him in their lineups. It wouldn’t be the Premier League if there weren’t any surprises! Chelsea travelled to Leeds and were defeated 3-nil, with Koulibally receiving a red card, which will no doubt irritate a few managers.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool was another major Monday Night Football (MNF) game for FPL managers. Last year, Liverpool defeated Manchester United by a combined score of 9-0 in both games, with Salah scoring a hat trick in the away game. Nobody saw the end result coming; Manchester United appeared to be a different team. Manchester United’s inspired performance saw them pick up their first three points of the season, allowing them to climb out of the bottom three, while Liverpool go three games without a win.

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