1 Jan, 2022

Premier League Update

Let’s hear the latest Mi Property football update on the Premier League and Fantasy Football League. Firstly, where did January go? So much has happened since our last round up and we’re excited to share these updates with you!

There’s been lots of action from the January transfer window and plenty of heated competition in our Fantasy Football League. Let’s get started!

I think it’s safe to say more players left the club than joined this January. Huge names exiting major Premier League clubs. The likes of Aubameyang, Dele Alli, Ferran Torres. Need I go on? Needless to say, these star- studded players have made a huge impact on their respective clubs and will hopefully hit the ground running in their new ventures.

We see Newcastle start to use their ‘bottomless’ bank account with the joining of five players including the English international – Kieran Trippier. Lastly, the Premier League welcomes the signing of Christian Erickson, who was released from Inter following the devastating cardiac arrest at the most recent Euro’s tournament. We hope he has a safe and exciting journey at Brentford FC.

One to watch out for is the appointment of Frank Lampard to Everton. A manager who is known to turn exciting young players into finely tuned machines on the pitch. Nevertheless, we wish Frank good luck at Everton and as the saying goes ‘third times a charm’.

Mi Property Fantasy Football League Update

After an eventful start to the season, we begin to see some real progression within our ranks. From 12th position in the month before to winning the Manager of the Month in December, our congrats go to Andy Passey! The name Clive Bevan is mentioned often in our updates and in December, Clive earned a solid second place, only short of the top spot by a few points. Craig Wilson however, has leapt high in the table in December. He was 18th the month before and is now in the top 3 for the first time. We hope you keep up this momentum Craig!

January also saw a similar story of rags to riches with Adam Taylor. From 23rd in the table the month before to winning Manager of the Month in January. A fantastic way to start the new year! Gareth Yates was seen in the top 3 for the first time this season – another member of the League showcasing some masterful tactics. Last but not the least, Tracey MacKenzie comes in third position for January. Looking back at the season, Tracey has consistently kept high results and more so winning in the month of November. A real contender for the overall season, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t forget, the best managers are strategic and attentive to their team. So, keep up the hard work and when the time comes, it may be you who is taking home the crown and the monthly prizes.

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